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Oculus Rift Cv1 Buy

Some days ago, I bought one CV1 it from a friend. But unfortunately in the transport the ribbon cable in headband it broke. I tried repair this ribbon cable but I don't had success. I tried talk with the Oculus Support...I asked if they send me another headband for make my rift 100% again but apparently, they do not want help me. I know how disassembly/assembly my rift, this is no worry for me...but they said basically "Sorry to hear that Rift was damaged"...short answer: buy another one.

oculus rift cv1 buy

the ribbon cable from my rift was cut in half. is there any other way to get the infared leds working on the back? maybe power them externally? i dont care about the audio. but do i really need the leds on the back when i have 4 camera's? i'm not experiencing any problems without the leds thus far maybe because i have 4 camera's.

I have also developed replacement side arms if anyone finds that they have broken, Very good for 3D printing, am "road" testing them right now to make sure they are up to the job but will basically replace the whole side arm attached to the metal side piece. This combined withe the micro soldering should deliver a fully working and colour customised oculus.

could you give more info pictures to how to solder ribon cable ? i have broken my rift and the ribon is 100% cuted ! m also interested for the 3D parts . if you have some links and stl to download if you want to share , you will be very welcome.

I am trying to figure out what is carried on the cable. The connector is 10 pin and there are 5 traces on the ribbon. It is possible there are just 2 pins per trace. The ribbon has 1 large trace at what i will call the bottom, 2 large traces in the middle very close together, and 3 very small traces at the top. I was able to power up the rift with it disassembled and found a voltage difference from the bottom trace to the one above it was a steady 20V and the upper middle trace is close in voltage to the bottom trace, as compared to both of the other lines. I was not able to measure the top 3 traces. 041b061a72


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