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Handicap 1 1/2 and what to know when betting on football

Handicap 1 1/2 is a very popular form of betting in the world of online football betting. This handicap ratio often appears in important matches, attracting a lot of attention due to its stability and high odds. However, not everyone can excel in betting with this handicap. To gain a better understanding of it, please follow the information in this article. We will provide the most detailed insight into this exciting betting form.

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What is Handicap 1 1/2?

Handicap betting is very popular among football bettors. The various and attractive odds always satisfy betting enthusiasts. Among them, 1 1/2 handicap is a familiar choice for many players. It is also known as the Asian handicap and is denoted as 1.5 in betting rooms.

Bookmakers usually offer this handicap in important matches. The condition is that the strengths of the two teams are uneven, with a clear distinction between the stronger and weaker teams. At this point, the team with the handicap is the one that bookmakers' experts believe has a higher chance of winning. You can bet on the entire match or the first half, depending on your strategy and your analysis of the odds.

At first, it may seem complex and confusing to some, but if you know how to play it, it can be quite exciting and open up the opportunity to win a substantial amount of money. Do you want to become a professional bettor? Follow the following information to gain a better understanding of how to read the odds and the betting experiences from experts.

Common scenarios for placing a 1 1/2 handicap bet

Scenario where the favorite team wins in a 1 1/2 handicap bet

In regular betting, the bettor wins if the team they placed the bet on wins. However, in this type of handicap bet, it is not as simple. The bettor who placed the bet on the favorite team only wins when the stronger team wins by a margin of 2 goals. This means that you only win if the match score is 2-0, 3-1, 6-3, etc., in favor of the favorite team. The amount you win is calculated according to the following formula:

Conversely, the bettor who placed the bet on the underdog team will lose their entire bet.

Scenario where the underdog team wins in a 1 1/2 handicap bet

Many experts recommend betting on the underdog team when playing this type of handicap bet because there are more opportunities to win with this choice. In this case, the scenarios where the underdog team wins include:

The stronger team only wins by a one-goal margin compared to the underdog team (for example, 2-1, 3-2, 4-3).

The match ends in a draw (e.g., 0-0, 1-1, 2-2).

The underdog team scores more goals than the favorite team (e.g., 0-1, 0-2, 2-3).

These scenarios determine that the bettor who placed the bet on the underdog team will win. The amount you win is calculated as follows:

Winnings = Initial bet amount + (Initial bet amount x the odds of the team with a handicap)

Of course, the bettor who placed the bet on the favorite team will lose their entire bet. The amount lost is equal to the amount wagered.

Note when handicapping 1 1/2 to avoid confusion.

After understanding more about how to determine the results, do you acknowledge that this is a very interesting type of bet? It is because of this drama and attraction that many people enjoy playing this bet. However, not everyone is fortunate to win from the very first bets. To minimize mistakes when playing half-ball bets, pay attention to the following:

Many bets are quite similar, so you need to distinguish them to avoid making the wrong choice. In various betting sites, some handicaps are quite similar to 1 1/2, such as 1/2, 2 1/2, etc. Remember that on the bookmakers' odds board, this type of bet is represented as 1.5.

Never bet a large amount of money in one go, especially if you are a newcomer. The expert advice is to place small bets in the beginning to get familiar with the pace of betting. If you want to bet a significant amount, only choose matches where you are confident in the outcome.

Bookmakers rely on the analysis and predictions of their expert teams to provide the most accurate odds for matches. So, choose matches with stable odds from the start. It is quite risky if you choose to bet on fluctuating odds close to the game time.

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Experience for never losing on handicap bets

For experienced bettors, betting on a 1 1/2 handicap is quite straightforward. However, newcomers need to learn and practice more to avoid stumbling. To help you get closer to victory, Wintips will share some very useful betting experiences from those who have gone before:

Focus on match analysis

Every bet requires you to have a clear understanding of the match. You should spend time researching all the relevant data about the upcoming match. For example, the tournament framework, participating teams, line-ups, coaches, head-to-head history... All factors that can influence the match result need to be analyzed carefully. Here's a tip for applying this analysis to betting:

If it's a match between a top 3 team and a team at the bottom of the standings, choose to bet on the underdog with a 1.5 handicap.

If the handicap odds drop from 1.5 to 1, quickly place an under bet.

If you see two evenly matched teams with an equal chance of winning, consider placing an Over bet.

If the weaker team is playing at home, avoid placing a handicap bet.

Make decisions calmly, don't rush

Many bettors tend to be overconfident in their knowledge of football teams, leading to hasty decisions. Many fall into the trap of betting on the strong team only. This is a common mistake that has caused many people to lose their money. Therefore, the advice is to be patient, wait, and analyze the match thoroughly.

Normally, handicap bets are posted on the odds board well in advance. About 1 hour before the official match time, bookmakers update the necessary statistics for the bet. So, stay calm and observe. Keep an eye on even the smallest fluctuations to build the most suitable strategy for yourself.

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In conclusion

The above is all the information about the 1 1/2 handicap bet that we want to share with you. This is an exciting type of bet with high odds, suitable for football enthusiasts. We hope that the above sharing has helped you understand more about how to play and the betting tips


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