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Where To Buy Vinyl Upholstery

For your upholstery project, faux leather and vinyl upholstery fabric will always upgrade your designs to more luxurious taste, whether it's a couch, stool, or ottoman. Our variation of options consists of traditional faux cow hide, faux alligator and snake skin, water mark, twill, and many more other unique textured or embossed design.

where to buy vinyl upholstery

If you love fabric as much as we do you are going to love We know fabric! We know where to buy the best fabrics at the best prices anywhere. We believe in the Every Day Low Price concept and always pass our savings on to our customers. If you need lots of yardage we also sell Direct to the Public at Wholesale Prices. You can also shop Buy the Bolt and save even more.

MODERN FABRICS SAYS Looking for the look of leather matched with the durability of vinyl? Then you should definitely check out this super soft vinyl. Its leather-like texture would be perfect for upholstery, wall panels or purses.

Since 1868, DLT Upholstery Supply has been the #1 stocking wholesale distributor for fabrics, vinyls, tools, and supplies for the automotive, marine, commercial, aircraft, and residential furniture markets... and we are the largest, too!

High-performance vinyl and non-phthalate vinyl upholstery combines durability and easy cleanability with bleach and EPA-approved cleaning agents. All fabrics are stain and water-resistant, making them excellent choices for high-traffic areas. Refer to our VINYL & POLYURETHANE APPLICATION TIPS and STRETCH & RECOVERY PROPERTIES resources for more information.

I carried my barstools out to the garage and placed them on some well-used drop cloths. Find somewhere that is out of the way from the rest of your household, so no one else will have to experience the fumes from the vinyl spray paint.

Of course, you could easily be done with painting your vinyl upholstery after step 5. But I wanted to add a little more personality to my barstools. I decided to create an ombre effect, with some cobalt blue on the tips of the legs and moving up gradients into white at the top of the barstool seat back.

Even with multiple layers of paint, the surface kind of felt flat and insubstantial. Compared to a paint designed specifically for vinyl, this paint was underwhelming, my least favorite of the bunch.

Designed as a vinyl paint for cars, ColorBond liquid vinyl paint is an excellent option for upholstery and furniture. Formulated to create a supple yet durable bond with vinyl, leather and plastic, ColorBond paint products will help you revive vinyl upholstery or add a splash of color to anything. Our vinyl seat paint is the easiest & most effective way to restore your car seats!

We carry a range of products to restore your vinyl upholstery. Our Leather, Vinyl and Hard Plastic Refinisher paint penetrates deep into vinyl surfaces and forms a molecular bond that completely changes or restores colors. ColorBond vinyl upholstery paint is available in spray or liquid to suit any project requirement or personal preference.

Our Dash Clear UV Protectant prevents vinyl from cracking, fading or showing other signs of heat deterioration. The spray provides long-term protection that keeps your vinyl supple and colorfast even in harsh conditions.

We also have cleaning products that make it easy to care for your vinyl upholstery. Our Prep Cleaner is a liquid solution that removes dirt and grime before you apply paint. You can also use a Vinyl Sponge to eliminate dirt from your vinyl surfaces as part of your cleaning routine.

Our premium-quality products are perfect for revitalizing your vinyl upholstery. You can use them to try a new color or restore your existing one. ColorBond Paint products offer many benefits, including:

ColorBond Paint products are a cost-effective solution to vinyl degradation. Vinyl upholstery can deteriorate from ultraviolet (UV) exposure, temperature fluctuations, and wear and tear. You can use our products to restore your vinyl surfaces at a fraction of the cost of having them reupholstered or replaced. You'll get remarkably similar results while saving anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

ColorBond Paint products rejuvenate your vinyl upholstery's appearance. Our OEM-Certified vinyl paints come in an array of hues to create a color-matching or custom look. We have automotive vinyl paints based on color codes from Ford, Honda, BMW, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Nissan, Toyota, Porsche and many other leading manufacturers.

Our products offer faster dry times, more even application and longer-lasting finishes than many standard dyes. You'll get superior performance and results when you use our paints on your next vinyl restoration project.

ColorBond is a revolutionary molecular bonding paint that penetrates deep into plastic, vinyl and leather. Ideal for use in a wide range of uses, ColorBond paint products give car and boat enthusiasts a cost effective way to restore their vehicles to an original finish. If you want to restore or change the color of leather, carpet, plastics or metal in automobiles, trucks, cars, boats, or motorcycles, ColorBond is the easiest way by far. To date we offer 188 OEM Colors.

However, before you can relish a certain style and comfort, you will have to experience the difficulty of choosing appropriate fabric for your vessel. Therefore, I created this review of the best marine upholstery fabric to help you select long-lasting and high-performing materials for your marine vessel.

I was amazed by its appearance and tested it immediately on water. I intend to buy another set for my other boat because its performance and quality is exceptional. Its stain-resistant feature and construction allow for simple usage and cleaning. You can remove every spill, stain, and dirt by wiping with a damp cloth. Moreover, because it is crafted with heavy-duty vinyl, it is sturdy, thick, and pliable. I love how easy it is to work with this material.

The product is easy to use and clean. Usually, the vinyl pieces I work with are stiff and not stretchy, but this fabric is different. Wrapping and attaching it to my boat upholstery is simple with staple guns. You can also use outdoor glue if you prefer. For cleaning, all you need is a damp cloth.

Marine Vinyl Fabric is among the best brands producing quality upholstery for boats. Honestly, I was intrigued when I first heard of their name because my friend gave me a good pitch regarding their Marine Upholstery Fabric in white. Most of my pontoon boats are covered with white upholstery, so I gave this a try.

Are you looking for a boat upholstery fabric? If yes, then check out VViViD Marine Upholstery Fabric in white. When I first saw this material, I thought it was just like the other brands claiming to be built for marine purposes, but I was wrong.

First, it is made with high-quality vinyl that is sufficient to stand against different marine conditions. I like its textured front and polyester back. The faux leather style gives off a natural vibe to my boat, which is enticing for everyone who sees it.

Suppose you are looking for a boat seat upholstery material thicker than regular canvas and intended for marine or outdoor use. In that case, the Payless Fabric Marine Upholstery Fabric might be your answer. When I first heard of this product, I was amazed by their wide color options, but the most striking shade for me was the Dove Gray. It complements well with other colors and is pleasing to the eyes.

Besides that, this fabric is made with high-grade vinyl, which is an ideal material for marine or outdoor use because it is impenetrable by water. It is also equipped with anti-ultraviolet solutions to protect against various outdoor elements.

This black-colored pleated fabric is easy to use and install. I attached it to my boat seats with a staple gun, and the output is superb. Even my neighbor asked me where I bought this material because it is aesthetically pleasing once installed.

It is made with premium vinyl that is specifically crafted to withstand any circumstances. Due to its construction, it is soft, thick, durable, and pliable. Although it is bulky, I still added cushion and padding to provide additional comfort. These features surely make your life easier, especially when you are installing them alone.

This product is one of the best marine upholstery fabrics not only because of its design but also because it offers excellent water, UV, tear, mildew, and flame resistance. It is rare to find a marine material that provides style and all-around protection, but you can find these features in this product.

My father wants to redo his boat seat vinyl because he wanted to take my mother on a trip for their anniversary. He asked me for a favor to find a material that will match his modern-themed boat. So, I looked for different options until I found this gray Plastex Marine Upholstery Fabric.

It is made with quality vinyl that has a neutral shade to match any occasion. Plus, once it is installed, it gives off a stylish appearance resembling genuine leather. My father was very pleased with the results, and covered all his boat seats with this fabric.

I tried all the homemade and commercial mildew removers I could think of, but none effectively restored the seats. So, I decided to replace the seat covering material with the Usauto Marine Upholstery Fabric, made with quality vinyl. I used this product to cover my car seats and still had some leftovers to utilize.

Like other marine vinyl upholstery fabric, this product features simple installation. I used a 3M adhesive instead of staples to cover my boat seats to ensure a smooth overall appearance. I also like how easy it is to clean this fabric. During our first trip with this cuddy cabin, my nephew came along with us, and his muddy boots left several marks on my boat seats. Fortunately, it is easy to clean with a damp cloth. 041b061a72


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