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Toilet Chronicles

Going to any public restroom is one of the worst experiences anyone could ever have in their life. From dirty toilet seats to vandalized walls, and lack of soap and water, they are not exactly what you would call hygienic places. Imagine being inside one of those stalls and getting trapped, and you get Toilet Chronicles, a game that is exactly about that very situation.

Toilet Chronicles

In this game you use a public restroom to go about your business as usual. Suddenly, the guy from the next stall asks for some toilet paper. If you decide to give him some, he will warn you to "stay in the cabin." When you exit, you realize the way out is gone. You now have to figure out what happened and if the mysterious person was somehow involved.

This game highlights a fear that all of us have inside us... Taking a mighty dump in a public toilet. The Dev's have done a fantastic job at making the game both quirky and playful but also strange and ominous at the same time. If you liked Stanley parable you'll love this!

Toilet Chronicles - is a first person horror-comedy game with a mystical setting where you're trapped in a public restroom and need to find a way out with the help of your toilet neighbor. Every choice you make brings you to a different outcome.

Actually, SpeedRunner332, the correct answer for your question is:To get the Screwdriver you need to start the game, go to your toilet, sit there, close the door, then give the paper for the guy who asked, go out the toilet, knock the middle toilet door, pick up the 2nd note, then pick up the other note by climbing in front of the mirror and the camera will appears behind you, when you start the 2nd chapter it will be unlocked on all of your posterior tryings

POV: You're at a 2008 party and you need to use a bathroom. You find yourself in a public restroom. You explore the place and when you get inside of the empty cabin a guy next to your stall askes for some toilet paper. After giving what he...

I've also been regaled with stories about forgotten one-night stands and toilet paper parties, where the individual decided to wrap herself like a mummy with toilet paper after being locked out of her room without clothes. 041b061a72


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