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Cities In Motion: German Cities Cracked Download

Cities in Motion: German Cities - A DLC Review

Cities in Motion: German Cities is a downloadable content (DLC) for the city-based mass transportation simulation game Cities in Motion, developed by Colossal Order and published by Paradox Interactive. It was released on September 14, 2011 for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms. The DLC adds two new German cities, Cologne and Leipzig, to the game, along with new landmarks, vehicles, scenarios and challenges. In this article, we will review the features and gameplay of this DLC and see if it is worth downloading.

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The DLC offers the following features:

  • Explore the beautiful German cities of Cologne and Leipzig, each with their own unique layout, architecture and culture.

  • Engage in a campaign with four different scenarios set in ten decades starting from the 1920s. Manage the cities through hard times and better days in six challenging scenarios.

  • See the new great landmarks in the cities, such as the Cologne Cathedral, the Leipzig Opera House, the Hohenzollern Bridge and the Monument to the Battle of the Nations.

  • Build your mass transit empire in the sandbox mode set from 1970s to 2020. Experiment with different modes of transportation, such as buses, trams, metro, waterbus and helicopter.

  • Use new vehicles that are specific to the German cities, such as the MAN Lion's City bus, the Bombardier Flexity tram and the Eurocopter EC135 helicopter.


The gameplay of Cities in Motion: German Cities is similar to the base game, but with some differences and challenges. The player has to plan, build and manage a public transportation network in the two German cities, while satisfying the needs and demands of the citizens. The player has to balance the budget, the efficiency, the environment and the reputation of the network. The player can also customize the fares, timetables, routes and vehicles of the network.

The campaign mode consists of four scenarios that span from 1920 to 2020. Each scenario has a different theme and objective, such as recovering from World War II, hosting the World Cup, dealing with environmental issues and facing competition from private companies. The scenarios also have historical events that affect the gameplay, such as inflation, strikes, protests and disasters. The player has to adapt to these events and complete the objectives within a time limit.

The sandbox mode allows the player to freely build and manage their own network in either Cologne or Leipzig from 1970 to 2020. The player can choose from different difficulty levels and settings, such as population growth, traffic density, land value and vehicle availability. The sandbox mode also supports Steam Workshop integration, which allows the player to download and use custom maps, vehicles and mods created by other players.


Cities in Motion: German Cities is a DLC that adds more content and variety to the base game. It offers two new cities with their own characteristics and challenges, as well as new vehicles, landmarks and scenarios. The DLC is suitable for fans of city-building and transportation simulation games who want to experience a different setting and history. The DLC is available for purchase on Steam, Fanatical and other online platforms for $5.99 USD or equivalent. Alternatively, the player can also buy the Cities in Motion 1 Complete Edition bundle, which includes all 14 DLCs for $68.26 USD or equivalent.


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