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Roman James
Roman James

Mc Center Sims 4

More NPC options. Can flag a lot as 'Ancestral' meaning that random sims will not be allocated to these lots, instead they will stay in the original family tree that owned it. Can also control and allow homeless sims to move into unoccupied lots.

Mc Center Sims 4

More woohoo options in the game. Can disable jealousy and effectively have polyamorous relationships in the game. Also introduces birth control and autonomous 'Try for Baby' interactions between sims (you can set the likeliness of this as a percentage).

There are two ways to use MCCC whilst in the game: by clicking on a Sim, or, household computer. In both cases, you will get an additional interaction button, the MC Command Center. Clicking on it will open a drop-down menu of all MCCC options available. However, the menu you open will look different depending on how you open the command center.

The installation process for the MCCC is the same as any other script mod. For this, you have to copy the mc_cmd_center.ts4script file into the game mod folder. This is is a mandatory file and is required to run the basic version of the mod. Each function of the mod contains a separate mod file.

There are things that get unchecked when it comes to housekeeping. Of course, you can hire a maid to do all this stuff but you have to wait a whole day for this. The MC command center feature, MC Cleaner Module automatically runs through the various unchecked processes of the game. It ensures that you focus on the gameplay, rather than other tidy pity items.

The MC Control module allows you to control everyone in the world including NPC sims. You can start a great conversation with your neighborhood, make interactions between two sims, and be a civilized person.

The MC tuner Module changes the way you use interactions in the game. If you want to spread the relationship, you can allow sims to have multiple BFFs. You can also slow down interactions. For Example, flirty interactions in the morning, so your sim can eat breakfast in peace.

Enabling story mode allows you to select a percentage of your sim population. You can select how many babies, Children, Teens, Adults, Young Adults, and Elders you want. You can also set a percentage of homeless sims.

When it comes to pregnancy, the Command center provides a variety of options. You can choose whether or not you want same-sex or opposite-gender pregnancy. You can also change the pregnancy phase and send your hosted sim, directly into labor. This option is strongly related to story mod, so enable it first.


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