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Traktor Pro 3 Patch

Traktor Pro 3 patch: What's new and how to install it

Traktor Pro 3 is a popular DJ software that allows you to mix and perform music with ease. It has recently received a major update that introduces native Apple Silicon support, ASLICE integration, additional Pattern Player improvements, and new Artist Kits from Nicole Moudaber and Fabio Florido. In this article, we will explain what these features are and how to download and install the latest Traktor Pro 3 patch.

Download Zip:

Native Apple Silicon support

One of the most exciting features of the Traktor Pro 3 patch is the native Apple Silicon support. This means that Traktor Pro 3 can now run natively on Apple M1 and M2 processors, resulting in increased performance and more fluent waveforms. If you have a Mac device with an Apple Silicon chip, you can enjoy the benefits of this feature without any additional steps. Just download and install the latest Traktor Pro 3 patch and you are good to go.

ASLICE integration

Another feature of the Traktor Pro 3 patch is the ASLICE integration. ASLICE is a platform that enables DJs to share earnings with producers by uploading their playlists. With the Traktor Pro 3 patch, you can now upload your playlists to ASLICE with a click of a button, empowering you to directly support the artists whose music you play. To use this feature, you need to create an ASLICE account and link it with your Traktor Pro 3 software. Then, you can upload your playlists from the Traktor Pro 3 browser or from the ASLICE website.

Pattern Player improvements

The Pattern Player is a feature that allows you to create and play drum patterns using samples from various genres and artists. It is available for Traktor Pro 3 Plus subscribers. The Traktor Pro 3 patch adds some improvements to the Pattern Player, such as:

  • Two new kits created by Nicole Moudaber and Fabio Florido.

  • Sample recall: The Pattern Player now remembers the selected sample between Traktor sessions, eliminating the need to reselect the sample on each session.

  • Edits retention: Edits of patterns are now retained while switching between sounds in the same kit and can easily be reset to their factory defaults.

  • Extended F1 mapping: The extended Kontrol F1 mapping now supports switching between the Pattern Player and effects control in order to combine both into one workflow.

How to download and install the Traktor Pro 3 patch

The easiest way to download and install the Traktor Pro 3 patch is through Native Access, a software that manages your Native Instruments products and updates. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Start Native Access and click the Updates tab on the left.

  • Click Update on the right of the Traktor Pro 3 entry to start the download.

  • Allow the installation to complete, then you can start the updated version of Traktor Pro 3.

If you have not yet installed Traktor Pro 3 on your system, you can download it from [here]. If you are looking for a Traktor update for an earlier major version (e.g. Traktor Pro 2), they will be available in the Update Manager section of [this website].


The Traktor Pro 3 patch is a significant update that brings new features and improvements to the DJ software. It enhances the performance, functionality, and creativity of Traktor Pro 3 users. If you are a Traktor Pro 3 user or want to become one, we recommend that you download and install the latest patch as soon as possible.


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