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Revealing the Most Effective Way to Fake IP for Online Betting Websites

Recently, network providers have frequently blocked and updated links leading to football betting prediction groups, betting manipulation groups, and links to online betting sites. This has made it very difficult for users, as they can't access odds or match analyses to engage in betting. To overcome this issue, many have turned to the method of faking IP addresses to access online betting websites. This is the quickest and most effective solution. Let's delve deeper into this topic with win tips to understand it better.

Faking IP for Online Betting Websites Using VPN

Using a VPN helps create a virtual network, allowing access to best betting site websites and blocked links. When using VPN to fake IP for online betting websites, you can connect using your computer or other devices. Then, access the betting website through a different network address. All the information you access won't be stored on the device; instead, it will be linked to the IP address you've chosen.

By connecting to a new VPN, you can change your old IP address to a different one on the internet. This way, the accessed data will be stored under the new IP address, which will be revealed through DNS.

For the most effective use of VPN for faking IP, consider opting for paid services. Free VPNs often come with risks and drawbacks, and using free VPN packages can potentially expose your information and data.

Therefore, it's best to use VPN services that don't require logging in. This ensures that your information and activity logs aren't retained, and your data is encrypted, preventing tracking by ISPs.

Using Web Proxy to Fake IP for Online Betting Websites

Besides VPN, another effective method to fake IP for online betting websites is using Web Proxy. Users can connect to a Web Proxy server and then transfer the link to another server. This hides your IP address, and activities are routed through a different IP address.

The difference between VPN and Web Proxy is that Web Proxy usually doesn't encrypt user information. Therefore, ISPs can track and steal personal information, even when your IP address is hidden. Some websites can detect users' real IP addresses, such as JavaScript or Flash-based websites.

Some browsers only allow users to use Web Proxy instead of VPN to access certain websites. To use Web Proxy, you need to set up a separate web browser and manually enter a new server IP address. This ensures that apps use the user's real IP address, including browsers and messaging apps.

Users should note that browsers like Opera, Chrome, Vivaldi, and other Chromium-based browsers cannot use Web Proxy.

Faking IP for Online Betting Websites Using Public Wi-Fi

Currently, users can not only access blocked online betting websites using different IP addresses but also connect via public Wi-Fi. This method is considered quite effective. When users use someone else's IP address through public and common Wi-Fi, such as in internet cafes or coffee shops, their betting activities will be concealed. This is because a large amount of information from other users accessing the same Wi-Fi network will overshadow yours.

However, users should remember that faking IP with public Wi-Fi also poses various risks. Free access points like these do not encrypt your information or data. All your internet activities can still be detected, including login details, shopping cards, or bank accounts. Moreover, accessing public Wi-Fi may expose your device to viruses or malware.

Faking IP for Online Betting Websites Using Software

In addition to the above methods, users who want to fake their IP for betting websites can use specialized software. Since there is a considerable demand for faking IP for betting websites, there are many software options available on the market. Some IP faking software that users can consider using includes:

Hotspot Shield: Fast IP hiding speed, completely free, and highly rated IP security.

Ultrasurf: Helps users access blocked bookmaker london through source code. It changes proxies to bypass firewalls and ensures absolute information security.

Freegate: Secures IP addresses, automatically changes IP addresses, and creates fake IP addresses. It breaks through website censorship and has extremely fast proxy switching speed, automatically deleting user browsing history.

DNS Jumper: Provides users with domain systems and creates free IP addresses. It is accepted in most countries and has various versions for users to consider, such as DNS Advantage, Ultra DNS, Open DNS, and Google.


The above article from Wintips has summarized all the basic information related to faking IP for online betting websites. If your access to betting websites is blocked, you can apply these IP faking methods to successfully access them. Don't forget to follow us regularly to not miss any opportunities to gain more experience in football prediction and news with super interesting and useful content.


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