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[S15E21] Good Shepherd

Amelia doesn't want to go alone and begs Link to come with. They head back into Jonah's room. It's pre-op time. Jonah wants to wait for Brady to come back from the cafeteria, probably with fries. They have their special way of saying goodbye, which they started doing when their parents died in a car accident six years ago. Amelia asks what he's going to study. He hasn't made up his mind yet. Jonah asks if she always knew she wanted to be a doctor. She never thought about doing anything else because of her doctor siblings. Jonah returns and the brothers do their goodbye ritual.

[S15E21] Good Shepherd


In surgery, everything's looking good. Amelia asks Link about food allergies. He's not going. He likes the begging, but he thinks neither of them should go. Life is too short. Amelia says one dinner will prevent months of family gossip and drama. They already think she's a train wreck. Link says she's not, but Amelia says she never told them about the divorce. She explains they refused to attend the wedding. Not every family's like Jonah and Brady. He wonders why she's going to the dinner then. She says it's a chance for her to prove them wrong. She's here for a delicate surgery and she has a handsome "husband." She promises to make it worth his while if he comes.

They are examining Jonah. His lungs are compressed. The tether has stopped working and they need to replace the rod so he can breathe. Jonah says the rods don't work. He'll just need more surgery by the end of the year. He wants the doctors to find another way. Amelia suggests a vertebral column resection, which entails removing the vertebrae causing the curvature and protecting his spinal cord with a titanium cage. Link objects due to the many possible complications, but Amelia says it would be a permanent solution. Jonah wants it, but Brady objects. Jonah tells him he had everything and gave it all up for him. He's the world's best brother, but Jonah will do it no matter what and he'd rather have Brady by his side. This is the part where he has to be brave. He can see in Amelia's eyes that she believes she can do it. Brady then starts their goodbye greeting. 041b061a72


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