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Dec 11 - Dec 17














All classes
  • Master one shot, repetition till you drop.
    22 euros
  • Thrive in consistency with non stop back and forth shots 🌪
    22 euros
  • Never held a racket in your life? You came to the right place 👣
    22 euros
  • Hitting an ACE, we got you covered.
    22 euros
  • Tempo so high the only way to survive is to sweat and get wild on cour...
    22 euros
  • An all-rounder class for you to excel in tennis 😈
    22 euros
  • Hitting an ACE, we got you covered.
    22 euros
  • Hitting an ACE, we got you covered.
    22 euros

Need a bit of help finding out your level? We got you.

The quickest way to progress is to start where you are today, not where you'd like to be tomorrow.  We'll take care of the latter.

Beyond Tennis Coaches

Get to know people who will be your biggest cheerleaders on your tennis journey!



Misha has been playing tennis since the age of 5 in Bulgaria. She took part in several national competitions as a teen and qualified as a tennis umpire. Misha’s passion is the combination of tennis and cardio trainings, so she decided to start her own practice last year. Exactly this combination, her positive vibe and sharp eye for every person in the class makes training with her so special. Misha’s goal is to make tennis accessible and colourful. With her, we are taking Tennis beyond its status quo.



Meet Cagz! Get ready to sweat in his classes. Cagney, a London native, is a multidisciplinary sport scientist who has competed in both tennis and football.

As a tennis coach, Cagney is absolutely amazing in noticing each player even when he's teaching a class of 5 people or more. His aim is to show you the right technique as well as tennis tricks to transform you into a great player. 

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Mathieu but you can call him Matt if you want to. He was born and raised in Paris and his family is from a small Caribbean island called Guadeloupe. Matt has started playing tennis when he was 8, thanks to his mum because she was worried that he would get injured in football & it was a great decision of her! Today Matt's goal is to help to make tennis accessible to anyone and break some social stereotypes about this sport and of course share his knowledge with everyone!



Annie grew up in The Netherlands and got hooked on tennis at the age of 7. Because she couldn't get enough, her dad had to play with her on the street every school break. She entered some competitions as a teen, but for her, tennis is more about having fun while keeping her body fit. 

As a life coach with a passion for tennis, Annie's classes focus on empowerment by teaching the correct technique and cheering for every little improvement. Her goal is to show you that tennis is for everyone. And to make hitting those balls a joyful experience.

Cancellation Policy

Our tennis classes are very small so we ask you to feel accountable for booking your class upfront.

You can cancel your class anytime 24 hours prior the start of the class. In case you cancel when it's less than a 24 hour, we sadly can't refund you the money anymore.

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