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Roman James
Roman James

Tinychat Bot Spam

If I'm not mistaken, you're talking about bots or at least spammers with names like ASDSASDASHJSA next log in ASDHSADHASDKW always differing, in cases like this; the users never hang around long enough to verify so you can crank the !autokick to stop them in their path.

Tinychat Bot Spam

Yes we love this script, how can we donate to the development of this as you know there are those that have a weird passion for spamming virtual chat rooms for no reason other than to disrupt the flow.

Hope this helps, many methods to reduce spam have been looked at and questioned for being reasonable and the few here have done perfect for the worst of the worst to petty stuff. Because everyone's list is unique bots and other users who intend to bother cannot get past.


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